About Us

The Fitness Kidz Story

Welcome to Business Fitness Kidz, where we believe in nurturing the health and happiness of the next generation through our innovative and engaging Active Entertainment Programs. Founded by the visionary Brad Hicks, our journey over the past five years has been a testament to our commitment to promoting physical activity, fun, and overall well-being in children.

Founder’s Vision:

Brad Hicks, a passionate advocate for children’s health, envisioned a platform where fitness and entertainment could seamlessly converge to create an enriching experience for young minds. With a background in both physical education and event planning, Brad combined his expertise to establish Business Fitness Kidz with the goal of fostering a love for an active lifestyle in children.

Brad Hicks, a fitness enthusiast with a zest for life that’s as infectious as his commitment to Fitness Kidz. Brad kicked off his journey in 2003 at Kelvin Grove State College in Brisbane, where he scored a scholarship with the “soccer excellence program.” After a thrilling stint as a pro soccer player with the “Northern Spirit” in the National Soccer League from 2004 to 2005, Brad pivoted to share his passion with the little ones. From 2005 to 2007, he wore the hat of an instructor at a children’s activity centre, perfecting the art of turning exercise into pure, unadulterated fun.

Make it an Unforgettable Journey

We offer two primary services:

  • Junior fitness and sports programs conducted at pre-schools and early learning childcare centres, where they inspire young minds to embrace an active and healthy lifestyle.
  • Active entertainment options (children’s entertainment), including holiday programs, primary school fun days, community events, festivals and birthday parties, ensuring that children have a blast while staying active. We create joyous experiences that contribute to both physical and mental well-being, leaving a lasting impact on their lives.

Our Vision and Mission

To improve the health and happiness of the younger generation through fun physical activities and making fitness, exercise & being active ‘cool’!

At Fitness Kidz, our mission is to provide accessible and engaging junior fitness and sports programs, as well as active children’s entertainment. We are committed to delivering top-quality, fun, and educational experiences, tailoring our services to meet the unique needs of schools and communities.

We strive to be a driving force behind improving the health and happiness of children, nurturing a love for active living that benefits them throughout their lives.